First Days

April 24, 2015

You will have to excuse a proud Mama for a week or so as I take a break from creating with needle and thread and share with you some pics of our real life creation!  The wonderful blur of milk and sleep has enveloped us.  Days melding together and time standing still.  Although waking from those short deep sleeps is a struggle, the smell and feel of milky cuddles is like nothing else on earth.

We spent six days together in hospital and I watched him slowly unfurl - his teeny tiny wrinkled hands softening and those delicious feet changing from newborn purple to soft pink.  Amazingly he has exactly the same "star" on the ball of his foot as his big sister.
I'm so grateful to have my Honey home with us for a few weeks  as we find our new normal back home in our "treehouse.  Big sister loves to stroke his hair and give him head kisses. I love his drunk face after finishing a feed and daddy loves his little man to pieces.


A Birthday Stitching Kit

April 20, 2015

I wonder to myself - when is the right time to introduce a child to stitching and what projects are suitable age/skill appropriate to avoid frustration and make for an enjoyable experience?

For the last few months our little girl has taken quite an interest in my stitching.  I often find her poking about in my stitching bag (a bag where I keep my embroidery floss, needle case, scissors and embroidery hoop) and sometimes find my embroidery hoop with a bunch of random 3 year old stitches on it.  Often she gathers different coloured cottons from my thread board and cuts off lengths of it,  happily telling me " I'm making a dress mama!"  Not to mention I have to be ever so careful leaving a pair of scissors lying around anywhere near fabric!

Well, when our little girl asked for a stitching bag of her very own, I thought well why not?  One delighted little girl chose the fabric from my stash. Her wish was for pink and purple flowers and a bumble bee - this was followed by her spending ages carefully choosing and re-choosing which floss colours she would like for the flowers (it is a very serious business choosing colours!)

So during the hot summer days whilst she played outside with water and teapots and the like,  I sat quietly with her in the shade, my feet up, creating a sweet little stitching bag.

Progress is checked regularly by a wee girl in between pretend tea parties and fairy conventions.
Flowers inspected.  An extra bumble bee ordered - it needed to have a friend...

This wee bag was part of her birthday present.  Included was a pink embroidery hoop, ball of pink wool, some large sized needles in a little case, some sharp pink scissors with rounded ends and of course some pink cotton thread (as she has long since used all mine up in her favourite colour....)

She absolutely loves it.  "Lets do some stitching mama!"  Ok, I say.  She cuts the thread and threads the needle herself, then passes it to me to make a knot.  I breathe and for a few very short blissful minutes, mama feels ridiculously happy and proud as her little girl creates her beautiful haphazard stitches.  

Long may it continue :)



April 05, 2015

A portrait of our little ones, once a week, every week in 2015

Our little girl was so happy to meet her baby brother for the first time.


Welcome, Little One

Our gorgeous wee man was born on April Fools Day at 2:05pm
3370g/8lb 4oz and 53 cm long

Utterly magical in every way.  We are all in love.
Still searching for the right name for him...

More pics and words to come when I manage to find myself again.



April 02, 2015

I had a hankering for a very late pregnancy, family photo shoot.  During my pregnancy with our little girl I took very few photographs, thinking I would get some "nearer to the end". As it happened she arrived early and the opportunity was lost.  I really regretted not having more pictures of the "every day" during this time.  It was so easy to run with feeling hot/bothered/tired/uncomfortable/swollen etc and put it off until you had a good day, but being pregnant over the heat of the summer means feeling this way, so this time around I was determined to seize the moment.

We wandered down to our local bay with the very talented Suzanne who took these lovely pics of us.
I'm so pleased she has captured the essence of the three of us, before baby arrives.  
These are so precious to me.

Crafty Adventures of the "Last Days"

March 31, 2015

What is it about a deadline that is so ... um... well I don't know.

On one hand I am aiming to rest and relax and soak up the last days of just the three of us, before baby arrives, taking my time and pottering around getting things just so.  On the other hand I seem to be making lists like they are going out of fashion and wishing to make a start on lots and lots of new projects!

Then there is the inevitable "nesting", which for me has been lots of decluttering and simplifying.  Our little girl's room has been the centre of my attention with shelving built (thanks Dad), baskets purchased and piles of girly clothes sorted through and stacked neatly away. No more garments too big, too small, out of season or that we simply don't like much.  I even found myself with my watercolour paints out, making wee cards for the front of the baskets so we don't have to remember/guess where everything is!  Doing little things like this makes me feel seriously good.  I simply can't explain it.

Sense and fatigue are mostly winning out though - finishing off little projects only requiring small effort in order to tick them off the list.  You know the ones that leave you with a sense of accomplishment even though you did the bulk of the work some time ago...

Sewing up a new dress for our little girl (the pattern for which I planned to have tested and in the shop by now, but good things take time :)  Finishing off the dress for Mum's Christmas present (I know - a tiny bit late, but better late than never.  Washing and folding teeny tiny baby clothes and muslins, re-arranging the furniture a little to accommodate a few simple items of baby furniture.

When I am feeling vaguely energetic the smell of meals cooking (for when baby arrives) has been emanating from our kitchen. Moroccan chicken, hot pots, home made pizzas, beef bourguignon, lamb shanks, lasagne, mild curries, pasta bakes.  Lots of things which are super simple to reheat and if anything only require only a simple salad or rice to go with them.  My honey said to me the other day, "Babe the freezer is full, stop cooking!"  Hehe, hearing him say that felt so good, knowing we can snuggle in with baby with no thoughts of food preparation for weeks.  I have also been reminded to stop making batches of jam as there is no more room in the cupboards or the secondary preserve storage in the garage. Ahem.

I have also been spending quite a bit of time chipping away on new patterns which only require me to sit quietly at the computer with no physical exertion :)  The updated version of the children's Pixie Hood Coat and Classic Pea Coat along with the Ladies Pixie Coaare now in the shop, with the new Tree Climbing Pants ready to release soon too, so by the time evening rolls around I relish my time on the couch with some mindless quiet handwork -  embroidering random flowers with no purpose other than "just because" and to let my mind relax.

I made one of those embroideries up into a little sac the other day for the toiletries in my hospital birth bag.  It makes me feel ever so organised and calm when I see everything tucked up neatly inside there.  Bliss.

But now the time is up.

Although there are lots of things I still want to do, it is time to put everything down and just be.  Taking some time to regroup before the big day, and breathe.  Today I will spend the afternoon focussing on me, a good soak in the bath, doing my nails, exfoliating, moisturising and simply luxuriating with our little girl being with grandparents for a few days.

I am ready to finally meet our newest and last addition.
See you on the flip side,

Lisa xx

New Winter Coat Patterns

March 30, 2015

Over the last few months, behind the scenes I have been beavering away at updating some of the most popular Big Little coat patterns.

Many of you have asked for larger sizes as your children have grown since the original patterns were made available some years ago.  As winter is coming I thought it would be a good time to work on them and now they are finally in the shop!

There have been lots of new additions, upgrades and fun features added to these new coat patterns. I do plan to update all the Big Little patterns with the added new features, and re-release them as and when they are ready.  Oooh exciting.

So what is new?  
*  Layered pattern pieces which means you can select to print only the size you wish making it simple and easy.
*  Universal "print & cut" pattern pieces.  No coloured ink or scaling required.
*  Will print perfectly on both A4 and US letter sized paper.
*  Clear and simple page assembly diagrams - no confusion as to how to join your pattern pieces together.
*  Gorgeous step-by-step tutorials providing simple yet extensive detail
*  Lengthening/shortening provisions to customise your pattern
*  Size charts
*  Fabric requirement charts in multiple fabric widths
*  Inspiration pages showing multiple versions of the pattern sewn up in different sizes and styles
*  Added size ranges and in some cases a "size upgrade pack" so you can purchase just the larger pattern pieces for a smaller cost.

You also have the option to join the Big Little Patterns Facebook group for pattern support - a place to share pics, ask questions and discuss your "makes"with myself and other Big Little lovers.

The new patterns released with these features are:
Pixie Hood Coat - Sizes 1-14 
Classic Pea Coat - Sizes 1-14
and the SIZE UPGRADE for the Pixie Hood Coat (Pattern pieces only in sizes 7-14)

and today is the launch of the Ladies Pixie Coat!

Everything you love about the children's version in ladies sizes (6-18) including options for the pixie hood, classic round hood and collar.  It is the perfect pattern for those of you who love up-cycling vintage blankets into warm and cosy garments for winter.  A super-simple-sew with no button holes or zips to trip you up - a beginner can sew this and feel very proud!

It is on a launch sale today and tomorrow - you will find the 25% discount code within the listing here in my Etsy shop: Ladies Pixie Coat.  Alternatively you can find buttons to purchase all the new coat patterns at the bottom of this post.

With our new baby arriving very soon, it is time to lessen the time pressure on myself and take it slowly for a while.

I fully plan to soak up all that newborn goodness for as long as it lasts and when I am ready to start thinking about lovely little garments again - I will focus on updating and creating new patterns instead of making actual garments. This means I can do it in my own schedule, in increments of time as it becomes available which is far more manageable for this girl who has trouble taking things slowly :)

I'm so excited about this new direction for Big Little, and I hope you enjoy all the improvements too.

Much love and happy sewing,

Lisa x

(Photo credits: Kaile Myers, Roxanne Kennedy, and Sophie)

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